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ADHD: a curse or a blessing?

How to live in peace and balance despite and thanks to the diagnose - and correct interior design

As someone who was diagnosed at a late age and by the way (yes, your daughter has ADHD, but don't worry because it's hereditary - then wink in my direction), I often ask myself whether it is a blessing or a curse to "suffer" from ADHD..

So it's true that I'm not the physically hyperactive type - in the 80's Ritalin was in the eyes of parents and teachers - I have to admit that I'm the addicted to challenges type. One of those who, when sit down to plan something, forget to drink and eat until they find some solutions. And even if I found a successful solution to the challenge, my brain will continue to work in the background with repeated alternatives. One which must think out loud in order to understand better. One who develops a kind of obsession with the projects, who must make everything be adjusted and coordinated, one who thinks fanatically about the small details. One that the desire to create whole worlds burns inside.

Today I see the "situation" as a superpower. WITH GREAT POWER COMES GREAT RESPONSIBILITIES. As a woman, mother and professional, I have developed and use several methods that are very helpful for me, my family and my clients to create and maintain a more balanced and supportive home. Now is the time to share those methods with you:

# For every thing a home and a home for every thing

One of the most significant lessons from Mary Kondo's book! Define a location for each object and put each object in its place. This way you know where everything is and at the end of the use, it's off! Back to the place. The fewer "house orphans" objects, the quieter the eyes and mind.

# Activity / Zone

Creating zones can help separate and focus different activities, such as work, play, rest or hobbies. You can use furniture, carpets, curtains or colors to define the areas and make them more inviting. Even simple rules can contribute too, for example: eating only at the table - and not in the living room (prevents fights over crumbs and collecting dishes), taking off shoes only near the stairs (centralized place to find them).

# Cleaning baskets

Cleaning baskets are baskets/boxes in which designated cleaning supplies are stored for each room or area. This can help with cleaning as needed without looking for supplies elsewhere every time. It can also help tackle smaller areas than the whole house at once. No more fighting over the spritzer ;)

# Open storage

We know the true meaning of "out of sight, out of mind"... open storage can help to see and access items more easily, and avoid forgetting or losing them. Floating shelves, baskets, hooks or racks can be used to display the objects in an organized and personally logical way.

# Calming colors and patterns

Soothing colors and patterns can help reduce stress, anxiety and overstimulation. You can and should choose soothing shades of blue, green or purple, or neutral shades of beige, gray or white. You can also use a rug, pillow or other colorful and patterned accessories to add some texture and interest without being distracting. FUN FACT: One of my customers brought me an inspiration picture for chairs in orange, white and green, a really stunning color combination. After some time she tells me that her son asked that there be no orange chairs because "it's a warm color and he won't be able to sit for a long time on a 'hot chair'".

# Adapted, special and logical "to me"

Adapting and making the home personal, enjoyable and logical for you can result in more enjoyment of the space and in the space and more expression of your personality. It's a good idea to add some artwork, photos, plants or accessories that reflect your/your family's interests and passions. It is important that the house fits your needs, not the neighbors'. For example, at our home we have a plastic cup screwed to the cup drawer, which contains the spoons - decorated differently from the dessert spoons - for preparing a hot drink.

I can talk and write endlessly about what I like to do, but I also know very well how to listen, empathize and get involved in finding the best design solutions for my clients.

So if you are ready to take the first step towards your balanced, supportive and designed home, contact me today and let's get started!

Don't forget to comment or ask questions bellow!


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