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A little about me

It's not how big the house is, it's how happy the home is


My name is Claudia Gomes, an interior designer for unique people who dream of translating their rich inner world into a special environment.

I believe life is too short to live just like others.

Therefore, in my work, beyond saving you money and headaches, I help you express yourself and your uniqueness into a colorful and unique living or work environment .

My goal is that you can look around yourself and get excited over and over again.

And I will surely help you to fulfill your world and I will help you to have the courage to dare!


What's my style?

This is a question that always amazes me again and again...

My style is happy style. I will accompany you through the process and make sure you will get a pleasant, functional, warm, comfortable environment and, above all, that will make your heart happy.

Because there is no better feeling than falling in love every day anew with your environment, the people around you, your life ...

I love to let ideas flow and always find new ways to give a unique and special personality to the spaces I design with my clients.

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