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E-DESIGN קלאודיה גומס

What is  E-DESIGN ?

E-designIt is exactly what it sounds like - interior design services offered completely online! is a simple and cost-effective alternative to traditional interior design planning because the service is performed virtually, skipping the need for in-person meetings and travel. Anyone, anywhere around the world, can receive planning and interior design services without worrying about a babysitter, tidying up the house before the meeting and standing in traffic jams. Thanks to advanced technology and the digital age in which we live, it is now possible to enjoy interior design services without leaving home.

E-design Usually a much simpler and more relaxed process, with a faster timeline than traditional interior design.

Who is it suitable for?

  • For customers who have limited time or budget, for example. This is a great way to get personalized service by a professional designer So that they can realize the unique look they dreamed of, in their own time and at their own pace!

  • For customers who have good hands, enjoy working independently and just need a little push and a little direction in their space. They decide whether to move forward with the exact suggestions or use them as inspiration to find something else. They are in control.

How does the process work?

  1. Fill out the information in the contact form, including an explanation of the designated space(s) and share details about what you want to do and/or change.

  2. I will email you back with a detailed questionnaire to learn more about your needs / desires for the space(s). (If you want me to design an entire house or several spaces, the total cost will be less.)

  3. A video call was scheduled for introductions and explanations for the next steps: accurate measurement - as much as possible - and photos of the chosen space, including existing furniture. Also, I would like to receive inspirational photos and/or links from you, to help me build a vision for you accordingly

  4. Preparation of an inspiration board, including a color palette

  5. Preparation of a position/furniture location plan, including alternatives (according to the selected package)

  6. Preparing a wall plan (if necessary, such as hanging pictures, artistic or decorative painting, etc.)

  7. Building a 3D model (not photorealistic)

  8. Building an EXCEL file for budget planning and monitoring

  9. Preparing a detailed carpentry plan (if necessary)

  10. Sending all the material, concentrated and organized in the form of a presentation

  11. Telephone support when purchasing items/applying recommendations

CLAUDIA3 (2).jpg

Nice to meet you

My name is Claudia, I was born in Brazil and I arrived in Israel at the end of the last century.

I am married to the cute Israeli boy I met on the beaches of northern Brazil and today we are the parents of 3 lovely girls, 2 dogs and 4 cats.

I graduated from design studies with honors in 2011 and worked as an employee for 3 years in an architecture and interior design studio, where I learned not only to make blueprints and work plans and carpentry details: I learned that the main part of the profession is to connect with people, to be a listening ear and a warm shoulder, to be a partner in realizing a vision for a designed, functional home or business and pleasant Treat him like he's mine. touch the heart

And I continue to learn all the time, whether it's a practical renovation supervision course, or computerized drafting efficiency, or photography, or watercolor painting, or concrete tools, or an Indian food workshop, or being a reasonable mother to ten-year-old daughters. Learning, applying and redesigning are my PASSION.

Let's design together a dream space for you!

A designed space is just a click away

E-design  is a great way to connect clients and designers without leaving home. It is a simple and cost-reduced alternative compared to a traditional interior design and planning process, which saves the hassle of meetings and travel for both parties.

E-designGives customers the opportunity to be more active partners in the design of the space - taking measurements, taking photos for documentation for the designer, ordering the items and installing them. Once plans are complete, clients apply the design at their own pace to create their ideal space.

This type of service gives customers access to the expertise of a professional designer in a way that is tailored to the do-it-yourself, tech-savvy, budget-conscious generation. It's fast and fun for customers, and the result is a comfortable and professionally designed space.


Yes, E-DESIGN suits me

Thank you, taking care of it already!

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