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Interior planning and design from A to Z.

Comprehensive and extended service, including building a home vision, planning spaces, accompanying the selection of finishing materials, furniture, lighting, carpentry, detailed and accurate drawings for professionals.  Basically your accompaniment from the moment you thought about a house to the hanging of the last picture.

Partial interior design and planning

Want to update a specific space in your home? In this focused process you will enjoy personalized service , at the same high level of planning and design from A to Z!


Color consultation appointment

Want to upgrade your home but you do not know where to start?
Need inspiration , shared thinking with someone creative and full of expertise?
In a color consultation appointment, I offer a unique service: I come to your home and together we'll fulfill design dreams and give color to your home. The design is completely adapted to your style and the existing items in your home!

Home Styling -  Home dressing

Does the house feel empty? Without personality? No longer reflecting your personality? Need to refresh energies? Want a change, but not by a massive renovation?

The solution :  Home Styling - Home Dressing ! During the process we will move from room to room in the house, we will offer and consider design and functional solutions, moving and repositioning furniture, choosing new colors, talking about textiles, lighting fixtures, decoration, etc. At the end of each session, you will receive a to-do list and a shopping list, so you can complete the unique look you dreamed of in your own time and pace!

* There is an option to accompany purchases

 Drawing services and 3D simulations

Do you have an amazing idea in mind and want professionals to understand you? Is it difficult for you to understand a two-dimensional plan?

3D drawing and imaging services  will help you see with your own eyes what you have already seen through the eyes of the soul, and make sure that it is indeed the best and most suitable option!


Kitchen planning and design

Does the heart of the house need bypass surgery? Is it no longer pleasant to cook in a tired atmosphere? It's time to give your kitchen the facelift it so deserves!
In the process of planning and designing the kitchen, we will re-examine the family's lifestyle, the frequency of hosting, we will adjust the surfaces in an ergonomic and functional way for an exact fit for the members of the household.

Consultation, second opinion and guidance appointment

Build? Renovate? Buy? Doubts and cogitations? Compatibility Check? To be sure there is room for everything even before the first stake is stuck?  So many questions ...
This appointment is for you! Together we will explore the most possibilities and discover the inherent potential in the property! Over the drawing plans or at the property itself, based on the needs and lifestyle of the family so you can be sure you have chosen and invested in the right property for you!

* Focused appointments at hourly pricing

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