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Want to go through a renovation with peace of mind?

A renovation that starts and ends on time, without surprises
It's completely realistic

The success of the renovation lies in preliminary and detailed planning

Renovation, big or small, requires preliminary and detailed planning, on all levels: budgetary, functional, design and of course emotional

step by step


Another important step is to plan exactly what happens and when. Take care of the sequence of work and coordination between all parties involved in the project.


Welcome! I'm Claudia Gomes, planner and interior designer. Over the years, I learned not only to prepare blueprints, work plans and carpentry details: I learned that the main part of the profession is to connect with people, to be a listening ear, to be a partner in realizing a vision for a designed, functional and pleasant home or business. To treat it as my own.

To touch the heart.

I believe that everyone deserves to enjoy being inspired by the spaces in which they live or spend time.

How can I help you start your renovation on the right foot? I send to you - free of charge, literally as a gift! - a calendar and a checklist with all the main steps in renovation processes. Put each and every step into the calendar and monitor progress, day by day.

When each and every step is laid out in front of us in a clear and visual way, it is easy to control the process and see the light at the end of the tunnel!

So register the details to receive the email and start a successful renovation right from the first meeting!

Yes! Help us get through the renovation safely and stay sane!

On your way!

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