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Second opinion

You feel you are missing something and need to  Another opinion  Professional  Regarding an architectural plan  Before final approval (Gramoshka)?  Want to be sure there is room for everything else  Before blowing the first peg?  Be calm that the new home will reflect exactly who you are?   This meeting is for you! We will think about all the functional and design elements, further contributed to the approval of plans . It is better to prepare before construction than to discover that there is a wall or pillar that will separate you from the fulfillment of the dream of a special home.

Home dressing

Does the house feel empty? Without personality? No longer reflecting on you? Need to refresh energies? Want a change, but not by a massive renovation?

the solution :  Home dressing consultation ! In a two-hour meeting we will move from room to room in the house, we will offer and consider design and functional solutions, moving and repositioning furniture, choosing new colors, talking about textiles, lighting fixtures, decoration, etc. At the end  Of each session, you will receive a to-do list and shopping, so you can complete the unique look you dreamed of in your own time and pace!

Interior planning and design
From a to t

Want to enjoy  Comprehensive and extended premium service, including building the vision of the home, planning spaces, accompanying the selection of finishing materials, furniture, lighting, carpentry, plans  Detailed and accurate work  For professionals, actually from the moment you thought about home to hanging the last picture? So the service  Interior planning and design

From "A to T"  Developed especially for you!

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